Q: I see you have a limit of 6 guests, is it possible to add additional guests?

The short answer is no. We may allow additional children (please inquire) but rarely do we allow additional adults. This rule is for the comfort of our guests and is based on the physical limitations of the cottage.

Our cottages are organized with a group of 4 adults and 2-3 kids in mind. Seating areas, dining, beds (three bedrooms; King, Queen and rollaway) and the hot tub are set up with this number in mind. 6 adults will be comfortable at the cottages. The cottages operate on a septic sewage system which is also designed for this number of people, more will overload the system. For large groups we recommend renting two of our cottages so everyone has space to enjoy their vacation.

Q: Is it possible to rent for less than three nights at a lower rate?

In the low season a two night stay is sometimes possible if the booking is midweek, send us an email and inquire. Even if you are only staying two nights, a three night booking has the advantage of allowing you to check-out at your leisure any time on the third day at the cottage as opposed to needing to check-out by 11am.

Q: Why do you charge "extra" for the hot tub and linens and what is included for those fees?

To keep our rental rates as low as possible, renters chose a la carte what they want to include with their rental. We have found that not all our guests want to use the hot tub (crazy, I know) and many want the option to save money by bringing their own linens.

Linen Service ($35 per room)

DUE TO COVID 19 we have suspended linen service.  Once resumed, the linen service includes full bedding for one room and towels for two people. Linen and towels can be arranged for multiple rooms.

Hot Tub ($100)

We charge $100 regardless of rental duration for renters to use the hot tub to cover heating, maintenance, cleaning and depreciation. We do not charge a higher hot tub fee for week-long rentals as these typically occur in the summer when heating costs are lower.


Q: How do payments work?

We collect 50% of the total fee at the time of booking. This is a deposit to secure your reservation and the remainder is due 30 days before your rental.

If the booking is less than 30 days away, we collect the full amount at booking.


Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel your reservation we will make the period you reserved available again on the website. Payments for optional services, such as the hot tub or linens are refunded immediately, as is the security deposit if it was paid. If the period re-books you will receive a refund of the rental fee less a $50 admin fee.  If the subsequent rental was booked for less than your booking you will receive the amount paid for the replacement booking.  We sometimes lower the price to induce last minute bookings for late cancellations. 

Q: I'm a returning renter, how do I get the 5% discount on the rental rates?

Welcome back! Send us a reservation request and check the "Still Deciding" box. Let us know that you are a returning renter and we will adjust the rental rate and send a revised invoice to you. After you have stayed at any of our cottages, the returning renter discount applies to bookings at all our cottages.

Q: I feel a little uneasy renting online...

No question, this is a transaction of mutual trust. We can understand that you might feel uneasy renting a cottage you have never seen from someone you have never met. You can image how we feel reciprocating payment with access to our beloved family cottage.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss the cottages if you still have reservations regarding the booking process, 519.525.3570.

Q: Are there kayaks or canoes provided?

No watercraft are provided at any of our cottages but Thorncrest Outfitters will deliver one to the cottage if you want. The better kayaking is done from the harbour in Tobermory. We recommend that you rent one from Thorncrest at the harbour and kayak over the shipwrecks in Little and Big Tub Harbours.

Q: What is the speed of the internet?

The internet is DSL over a phone line. It is fast enough to stream regular resolution video via Netflix or AppleTV. There is wi-fi coverage throughout the cottages and most of the exterior decking.

Q: What Is Provided At The Cottage?

Basic rule of thumb for the cottage: if it is consumable or needs to be laundered then it is not provided.  A few exceptions are noted below.

Toiletries, Soap, etc.

Toilet paper is restocked between rentals and there are hand soap dispensers at each sink, otherwise nothing is provided in the way of toiletries.  Dish soap and a small supply of dishwasher soap is provided. You will need to bring:

  • Shampoo and body soap
  • As toilet paper is depleted you will need to replenish, backup toilet paper is not provided.  
  • Paper towel is provided for cleaning, but bring additional if you like to have paper towel in the kitchen.

Bedding and Towels

DUE TO COVID NO PILLOWS, BEDDING OR TOWELS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.  When the pandemic abates the below process will resume:

No bedding is provided automatically, but linen service is available if you would prefer.  We provide comforters, pillows with protectors and mattress protectors, no other bedding is provided aside from a few spare blankets that can be used to supplement what you bring from home.  You need to bring:

  • Fitted sheets (King bed in the master, queen bed in the second bedroom and queen and single beds in the third bedroom.
  • Flat sheets
  • Pillow cases
  • Bath towels, hand towels and face clothes
  • Don’t forget linens for the kitchen (dish clothes, dish towels, etc.)

Spices or Basic Kitchen Supplies

Due to concerns regarding how food may have been handled or cross contaminated, all food left behind by renters is thrown away.  Salt and pepper shakers are provided as well as salt and pepper for refilling, otherwise there is no food or spices provided.

The kitchen is well stocked with everything you might need for cooking.  Pretty much anything that is in our kitchen at home is at the cottage.  The only exception I can think of is there is no blender as these die at a shocking rate in a rental cottage.  

Q: Is Firewood Provided? 

Firewood is not provided and can be obtained at one of many roadside locations along HWY 6 and generally at Hoppy's Gas Station and the Foodland in Tobermory.  

Q: Is there a BBQ? 

Yes! Its not a cottage without a BBQ. We provide two propane cylinders and BBQ tools are in the kitchen.

Q: Is Drinking Water Necessary?

The water at the cottages comes from a well and has been tested and is fine for drinking.  To taste you may prefer to bring drinking water but it is not necessary. 

Q: Are There Laundry Facilities At the Cottage?

There is a washer and drier at Blue Baise but not at Grey Eagle Cottage.

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